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KlubThirty3 / #SOL3MAT3S

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Russell Peter

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Renée Adams serves as the President of 33 soleMates and parent company KlubThirty3 lifestyle events.

Renée’s credentials are unparalleled in the adult entertainment industry having hit the ground running when she set foot in her very first xxx movie set in late 1996, and shortly after she began directing, producing and eventually distributing adult movies and overseeing website development of adult sites and online xxx movie cataloging.

Along the way Renée’s feet became subjects of massive interest and desire as Foot-Fetish emerged from the shadows thanks to the mainstream advancement in internet technology. Renée Adams is one of only a few women who are considered original Foot-Models. Before twitter, facebook and instagram she could be easily searched on netscape, AOL, MSN, yahoo, and myspace including the FootJobVirgins.com website and footjob film series which she co-founded with her long time business partner Russell Peter.

In late 2007 Renée Adams went on the craigslist adult ad’s section and came across an ad seeking ladies to work Foot-Fetish parties. So she made contact and in early 2008 she was selected to work her very first Foot-Fetish party in the OC. Renée Adams went full speed ahead attending as many foot parties as she could, gaining a reputation as a model who went above and beyond to provide patrons with the most memorable foot session experiences developing a cult following as she advanced from one regional party to another. In 2012 Renée Adams introduced her xxx business partner to the Foot-Fetish parties initially as a pretext to get him out of the xxx movie editing room. Within a few parties they were asked to team up and help run foot parties in southern California. Along the way they also established new regional foot-fetish parties in Long Beach, San Bernardino, Ventura and the San Fernando Valley for the organization they used to work with.

In 2013 Renée received her first award, and every year since she has been an award recipient including Miss FootNight-2015 and she received a lifetime achievement award in Jan. 2019 for her 11 years of contributions to Foot-Fetish events!

Renée Adams is an award-winning social media promoter of Foot-Fetish events.who has highly specialized knowledge and experience unrivaled by any other female in Foot-Fetish. She is the perfect consummate professional super-woman most capable of leading 33 soleMates as Renée has been in the trenches as a live-action model and as a multi-regional host who is not afraid of speaking up and taking action when enforcing event rules. Renée for 8 years has worked long hours setting up / breaking down at various venues across the west coast and aiding with transportation and logistics at every event she has been involved in which no other Live-Action model has offered to do.

Renée has seen it all and now that she is 100% in charge not only will the buck stop with her, but she will be the most hands on Foot-Fetish company President to ever hold the highest leadership position in the industry. Along with her leadership team and staff, Renée Adams will be taking Foot-Fetish events to the highest levels possible with innovative ideas integrated with an upper echelon "members only" concept bringing together Top-Tier live-action models with high character patrons in a fun, discrete and professionally catered environment where everyone is well fed and treated with love and respect.

Renée has made it her personal mission to ensure that the days of infighting over themes, and other irrelevant bullsh!t and other drama are over. At 33 soleMates there will not be any infighting among the staff or trashy regional hosts who would rather be drunk and disparage their team mates than professionally run their party. Expect top quality food, models and helpful staff creating a perfect upscale atmosphere where you will truly enjoy your fetish. This is "Foot-Fetish REINVENTED!"

Join #SOL3MAT3S to experience the future for yourself lead by none other than Renée Adams