Who is eligible for awards?



All admitted #SOL3MAT3S #SOL3SIST3RS are eligible for nominations / awards

Unlike other organizations, we DO NOT Discriminate and we don't engage in ANY FAVORITISM!

The ONLY criteria is that the live-action models be admitted into our #SOL3SIST3RHOOD to work our events, nothing more is required.

Click on the above photo to see the current roster of live-action models that make up our #SOL3SIST3RHOOD

#MEMBERSONLY may nominate our #SOL3SIST3RS for awards


Click on the photo above to nominate your favorite #SOL3MAT3S

This perk is ONLY available to #SOL3MAT3S members in good standing.


Unlike other organizations who's irresponsibly, drunken hosts are too loaded to be bothered to submit nominations of the models that work their asses off for those hosts at regional events; we left it up to our members to nominate the models, keeping things fair and simple as the nominations can be submitted online or on paper at any of our events.

Once the nominations are compiled, those with the most shall be showcased for the public to #RockTheVote

The award recipients will be announced LIVE & in the FLESH in Jan. of 2020 at our 1st annual #SOLEMATESawardSHOW!

What can be expected at the #SOL3MAT3SawardSHOW?


We will kick off our 1st Annual #SOLEMATESawardSHOW  in Jan. of 2020 during our first regional event of the year.

The ladies with the most votes will be the recipients in their respective categories

The most prestigious award will be the very 1st

" #SOL3MAT3 of the year! "

Which ever #SOL3SIST3R ends up being the recipient of our top award will no doubt be the most hard working and most deserving live-action model of the year, furthermore; she will be the top Foot-Fetish Live-Action Model on planet Earth!! -No other awards will even come close to the recognition our #SOLESISTERS will receive at our TOP-TIER award show

Our very first #" #SOL3MAT3 of the year! " will be the first Live-Action Model to set the foundation of a line of succession that will be the most coveted, foot-fetish event industry leading award ever conceived!

Exactly what guests and models alike wanted for many years is exactly what we organized at #SOL3MAT3S for everyone who is into feet!

Welcome to "Foot-Fetish REINVENTED!"