Our first annual 2020 #SOL3MAT3award recipients

2020 #SOL3SIST3R of the Year - Marie Bossette

2020 #SOL3MAT3S - Lifetime Achievement award recipient - CeCe LaRue

2020 #SOL3MAT3S - Session Performers of the year - Harlow Robbie & Nicole Dyles

2020 Most Loyal & Dedicated #SOL3SIST3R - Veronica Reign

2020 #SOL3MAT3S Social Media Star of the year - Renée Adams

2020 Most Requested #SOL3SIST3RS - Lexi Lore & Snow Mercy

2020 #SOL3SIST3R with the Sexiest Feet - Fawn Waters

2020 Most Unique #SOL3SIST3R - Cassandra Cain

2020 Breakout #SOL3SIST3R - Elori Stix

2020 Most Charismatic #SOL3SIST3RS - Selena Seti & Chloe Lyrae

2020 Most Photogenic #SOL3SIST3R - Novella Rae

2020 venue of the year - Cosmo's

2020 staffer of the year - Greg

Our first 2020 #SOL3MAT3awards was the perfect inaugural awards during our Los Angeles Foot Party

Our guests (members) and Live-Action Models (#SOL3SIST3RS) traveled from all over the west coast and south west (California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas) & as far away as Denmark to experience for themselves “Foot Fetish REINVENTED!”

We are very grateful to all of you for your dedication and support for our foot-fetish start up.

Thank you to all of our members who endorsed the various #SOL3SIST3RS who became the 2020 nominees.

To the countless members of the public who submitted ballots for the nominees; we are indebted to all of you for making this a very easy and worry free experience for our first awards.

We are very lucky to have grown exponentially much faster than expected thanks to our dedicated regional hosts. Thank you for believing in our cause to bring dignity and respect to the forefront of the foot-fetish event industry. Thank you for understanding the need to ensure that our members only business model works seamlessly. Your cooperation to our vetting process is not easy but in this day and age it is absolutely necessary to ensure that all models, staff and members are safe, cared for and respected.


Congratulations to our 2020 #SOL3MAT3S #SOL3SIST3R of the year, Marie Bossette!

It instantly became the single most important award in Foot-Fetish events and Marie Bossette is the perfect #SOL3SIST3R to set the standard for all future #SOL3MAT3 of the year recipients. 

To our members, staff, and #SOL3SIST3RS that we showcase; we look forward to building the very best Foot-Fetish event business ever conceived, as we proceed into the new decade with an ”out with the old in with the new program." Several of our guests and models have shared with us that we exceeded all expectations with in the first few months after we launched!

Those of you who think we’re over doing it or unnecessarily complicating things our response will always be “KOMPROMISE ELSEWHERE!!