Frequently Asked Questions

What can be expected at an event?


Members can expect affordable yearly membership fees to obtain heavily discounted members only party-passes starting at $33usd (for early online pre-paid passes) to attend any of the 33 soleMates regional events making our upper echelon fetish event THE MOST AFFORDABLE full service, professionally staffed Foot-Parties ever conceived.

Non-Members can expect the same amazing experience as our members except that it will cost more to purchase party-passes and session fee restrictions will also apply. For guests who will not be attending on a regular basis being a non-member is okay too.

Models lucky enough to be admitted, will experience the very best Foot-Fetish Events they will ever attend. Expect high character members / guests, and support staff. The days of a bag of Doritos as the only available food are OVER! Enjoy Chef prepared cuisine and tastier snacks at 33 soleMates

Is there a dress code?


Yes, dress code at events in the late evening is dark & stylish for both models and members / guests.


Business casual for the members / guests and stylish for the models at day time / early evening events

Casual for the members / guests at events hosted during the day time or at sea on the boat.

The dress code will be strictly enforced --Full dress code details per party will be provided in the guest / model confirmations, please read them entirely.

Our security personnel & sign-in staff at the entrance will make the final determination to allow models and guests into any venue we have our events at, based on whether they are compliant with our dress code.

When in doubt, play it safe and go business casual

Are Memberships and fees Mandatory?


Yes all attendees MUST pre-pay for party-passes

Paid MEMBERS shall be prioritized and will be the first guests to to be added to the event guest lists.

Non-Members will have limited access to party-passes allocated for each event and non-members will pay significantly more to attend and will only be allowed to session at higher fee levels


When you apply, if your application is approved you will receive an email from soleMates with information about membership dues,, upcoming parties, rules etc.

Are there any age or smoking restrictions?


Yes, you must be age 18 to be a member / guest or 21 if you will be consuming alcohol at our events. No narcotics are allowed at our events.

Only the OC parties are 4:20 friendly and

smoking / vaping is allowed in the rear patio.

No smoking or vaping in doors at any soleMates events. You may smoke in designated areas only.

is alcohol consumption allowed?


Let us be clear that Klub Thirty3 lifestyle events does not sell alcohol, however; members may BYOB (bring your own booze) anything they want to drink.

At 33 soleMates-LA turn in your booze to Chef Pat at the bar and he will pour / open your alcohol for you

At 33 soleMates-OC turn in your booze to Chef Vinny at the bar and he will pour / open your alcohol for you


Will there be any food?


Yes, at 33 soleMates-Los Angeles Chef Pat will be catering the events and bar tending.

At 33 soleMates-Orange County Chef Vinny will be catering the events and bar tending.

At 33 soleMates-Long Beach Chef Vinny will be catering the events and bar tending.

At 33 soleMates-SFV food, snacks and beverages will be provided by Russell Peter

If any model has a grievance who can help resolve any issues or disputes?


Women can always expect a fellow woman who is a proven leader to properly resolve anything.

So any issues, disputes or grievances should be directed at President of 33 soleMates, Renée Adams.

The buck stops with her! Don't be shy or afraid, her door is always open for any model or staff concerns.

You may contact Renée Adams directly at any

33 soleMates or KlubThirty3 event that she hosts /

co-hosts or via email at:

will a model list be made posted?


The #SOL3MAT3S Model Roster can be viewed here: & it will contain the most accurate list of confirmed models.

33 soleMates is still in its infancy and we're

still reviewing many more model applications

to pick out the very best Top-Tier models

ever presented at a Foot-Fetish event!


On our twitter & instagram accounts @33soleMates we will periodically post photos of the confirmed live-action models per regional event.

If you want specific models to work our parties, inform them that they may apply to join our ranks at: 

What are the model session fees?



1. $20 for 5 minutes (members only session fees)

2. $30 for 10 minutes (members only session fees)

3. $40 for 15 minutes (members only session fees)

4. $50 for 20 minutes (Members & Non-Members session fee)

5. $60 for 25 minutes (Members & Non-Members session fee)

6. $70 for 30 minutes (Members & Non-Members session fee)

7. $80 for 35 minutes (Members & Non-Members session fee)

8. $90 for 40 minutes (Members & Non-Members session fee)

9. $100 for 45 minutes (Members & Non-Members session fee)

10. $140 for 60 minutes (Members & Non-Members session fee)

11. $175 for 90 minutes (Members & Non-Members session fee)

12. $200 for 120 minutes (Members & Non-Members session fee)

SESSIONS MUST BE PAID UPFRONT before any sessions begin with the live-action models.

Our bedrock principle is that 33 soleMates will NEVER require TipOut's or percentages from the models!!

All session pay belongs 100% to the models