ZERO TOLERANCE policy will be enforced for the following

1. No drunkenness or other forms of intoxication will be tolerated.

If any member /  guest, staffer or model arrives to any 33 soleMates

events drunk / intoxicated / high they will be denied entry.

If any person gets intoxicated at our events,

disciplinary action will be administered


2. No disrespectful behavior

3. No disruption of the events

4. Photography on personal cameras or cell phones at 33 soleMates events is forbidden.

Only 33 soleMates staff may photograph the models & their feet at the events.

Models are allowed to only shoot selfies / foot-selfies or shoefies but must be mindful

that no guests or staff are in the background of their photos to protect peoples privacy

5. No solicitation of guests for other events not associated with 33 soleMates / Klub Thirty3 will be tolerated –If caught you will be removed off the premises by our security / staff and black listed and no longer allowed to attend 33 soleMates regional events in perpetuity (that means forever)  –NO EXCEPTIONS

6. No recruitment of models or staff for other events not associated with 33 soleMates / Klub Thirty3 will be tolerated –If caught you will be removed off the premises by our security / staff and black listed and no longer allowed to attend 33 soleMates regional events in perpetuity (that means forever)  –NO EXCEPTIONS

7. Unless you purchased a VIP playspace, lounging, sleeping or "resting" in the play spaces is not permitted. If you want to relax you may do so in the lounge area(s) of the venue(s)

8. VIP play spaces are VERY LIMITED and therefore only available to 33 soleMates members.

9. Don't be trashy and jump into occupied play spaces. You risk spilling booze on models and guests and horseplay is simply unbecoming of our members / guests and models. Unless its an emergency or the event is closing down.

10. No disruption of sessions will be tolerated! -That means members / guests, wait until the sessions are over before you attempt to get a models attention for a session you would not want another guest to disrupt your session don't disrupt another guests session. Be patient, be a gentleman. --Models wait til your session is over before you try to communicate with anyone outside of the play space so that no disputes arise over the session time / session pay.

11. To prevent unnecessary damages to the venue, no food, drinks or smoking is permitted in the play spaces. Bottled water is okay

12. Keep the play spaces clean. Put your refuse in the waste baskets don't just leave it on the play spaces or on the floor.

13. No theft or destruction of private venue property or any persons personal property will be tolerated by ANYONE

14. If anybody finds jewelry, wallets, cell phones or other valuables; please take them up to the front sign-in area which serves as 33 soleMates lost and found.

15. Sexual activities are forbidden at 33 soleMates regional events.

-We know that Top-Tier live-action models' feet will excite many, just keep it in your pants or you will suffer the consequences -Models you know better than to agree to sexual activities, avoid drama and embarrassment and refrain from sexual activities.

16. No pandering or solicitation will be tolerated No money is to exchange hands for sexual play and no requests for sexual play are permitted

17. No sales, distribution or sharing of narcotics are permitted at 33 soleMates regional events

18. No Marijuana procession or its use is allowed at 33 soleMates venues except @KlubThirty3's #KlubHaus (soleMates OC) as that venue is 4:20 friendly

19. All guests are required to pay for party-passes to gain entry to the 33 soleMates regional events.

20. All friends, room mates, escorts, drivers, body guards, and significant others of the models who want to attend the events must also pay for party-passes to enter 33 soleMates regional events -NO EXCEPTIONS

21. All models, guests, & staff are required to fill out, date & sign a consent form upon entering any 33 soleMates event -No Exceptions

22. Use common sense ladies and gentlemen, violations of 33 soleMates rules are subject to membership revocation, event suspension / expulsion --just keep it cool and follow the rules

Disciplinary Action

SOL3MAT3S has a 3 strike rule for violation of our rules and regulations

If any member / guest or model violates any of soleMates established rules and regulations the following consequences will be administered.

1. First offense will carry a 2 party suspension

2. Second offense will carry a 1 year suspension

3. Third offense will be expulsion from soleMates events in purpetuity --that means FOREVER!!

Model Code of Conduct

All SOL3MAT3S models must conduct themselves in a professional, friendly and "non-hustling" manner


1. Unless you have been “Grand-Fathered” in as a Klub Thirty3 model or have worked closely with Russell Peter or Renée Adams in the past; all models interested in working our events must apply to be considered for admission to 33 soleMates

2. Admission to 33 soleMates is HIGHLY COMPETITIVE. Only 33 live-action models per region will be admitted. Open Enrollment for new applicants will remain until we have filled all of the spaces in each region. And yes we’re mindful of models who will cross over to be featured in more than one region, if we need to add more models to any region we will

3. If any models resign, are suspended or expelled we will take new applications when spaces open up

4. DON"T BE LATE LADIES --Live-action models who confirmed to attend / work a particular 33 soleMates event, must show up at the time the event officially begins or they may arrive up to one hour early. A 15 minute grace period is allowed for models who are running late, however; if any model arrives more than 15 minutes late those models will be subject to the 3 strike disciplinary action. Tardiness is VERY unprofessional

5. NO CALL / NO SHOWS --Live-action models who confirmed to attend / work a particular 33 soleMates event, must show up. Again, if a model commits to work any #SOL3MAT3S party she must attend. IF ANY MODEL IS A NO SHOW AND FAILS TO NOTIFY US BEFORE THE START OF THE EVENT she will be subject to our 3 strike disciplinary action. --NO EXCUSES --NO EXCEPTIONS

6. Models are forbidden from being topless or partially or completely nude. Undergarments must be worn at all times –NO EXCEPTIONS -If you have any medical reasons to not follow this rule you will need to sit out the 33 soleMates parties until you are able to wear undergarments. This rule is in place to protect you and us from the events being misconstrued as pandering / prostitution

7. Official 33 soleMates live-action models may not disrupt the parties in any way. This includes fighting, arguing or taking liberties with other models, staff or members / guests. If models have ANY issues / disputes take it up with Renée Adams the 33 soleMates President directly. If Renée is busy, make contact with Russell Peter the 33 soleMates Sgt. at Arms / Chief of Staff. If Both Renée and Russell are preoccupied make contact with Greg the security guard.

8. Official 33 soleMates live-action models may not arrive to our events drunk / intoxicated / high and while in attendance models are forbidden from getting to the point where they are not functioning normally. If this happens expect to be suspended for 2 parties, if it happens again expect a 1 year suspension, if it happens again you will be expelled from attend 33 soleMates events in perpetuity --that means FOREVER!! 

9. If any models want to bring any friends, room mates, escorts, body guards, significant others or anyone else to the 33 soleMates events, those folks will also have to pay the standard non-member fee for party-passes to gain entry to any regional 33 soleMates events

10. All admitted live-action models are required to have at least 2 active social network accounts and they must be twitter and instagram. Models must promote their participation in the 33 soleMates events a few times per week as soon as they are confirmed to work a particular 33 soleMates event and they must increase daily promotional posts for the final 10 days leading up to any event date. –No Exceptions

11. All admitted models must allow 33 soleMates staff to take their photos for the affiliated websites and promotional social media posts –No Exceptions

12. Models by agreeing to session you have given consent to a guest to session with you. Ensure upfront before you begin a session that you fully understand what your session with a particular guest will entail so that there are no surprises

13. To avoid misunderstandings all models must be paid upfront before starting any sessions. This will minimize any potential drama and keep things pleasant. So ask for your money upfront and use your cell phones as the timers.

14. Models may only use their cell phones as session timers and for selfies. No other types of photography will be permitted. Only Klub Thirty3 / 33 soleMates staff are allowed to take photos at the events. if you take any selfies, please watch your background. The last thing you need is to be asked to take down an amazing photo because you did not have consent by any persons who appeared in the background of your selfie.

15. Models are expected to be professional, friendly and not engage in "hustle" behavior. Scoring sessions with members / guests is not a competition. There is plenty to go around

16. No solicitation of guests for yours or other person(s) events will be tolerated –If caught you will be expelled from 33 soleMates –NO EXCEPTIONS

17. No recruitment of models or staff for yours or other person(s) events will be tolerated –If caught you will be expelled from 33 soleMates –NO EXCEPTIONS

18. Safeguard your personal property. 33 soleMates; Klub Thirty3, its staff and venue owners ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost or stolen items

19. Many current KlubThirty3 members will be attending 33 soleMates. Because we 100% protect our members privacy occasionally models will run into celebrities, sports figures, upper echelon corporate executives, and high ranking govt. officials and politicians. To further protect the privacy of all of our members; models and staff are forbidden from discussing what they see, experience or who they notice at 33 soleMates events. So don't even think about writing a book or talking to the media or TMZ. Please don't fuck up and make us pursue legal remedies because we will not hesitate to do so to protect our members only organization and its models, staff and guests Just be discrete and everything will be cool

20.  Use common sense ladies, violations of 33 soleMates rules are subject to model roster revocation, event suspension / expulsion --just keep it cool and follow the rules 


–It’s not that kind of party.

Engaging in or attempting to engage in ANY sexual activities or solicitation is strictly forbidden at all 33 soleMates regional events. –It’s simply not that kind of party.

If you are unable to follow vice-rules, do us all a favor and do not submit a membership application nor purchase party-passes to attend 33 soleMates events if sexual play is what you seek. These rules exist to ensure that we are all legally compliant.

It is not worth the risk to our guests, staff, models or venue owners we do business with. Should we learn that any person violated this most important rule they will be escorted off the premises by our security / staff and expelled from attending 33 soleMates parties in perpetuity… That means FOREVER! 

If you fuck up, There will BE NO SECOND CHANCES!


–There is NOTHING WORSE than a lack of communication.

If you want to session with any of the 33 soleMates live-action models, be nice and concise. Ask them if it’s okay to play how you want to play… The worse they can say is “no”. The best they can say is YES! and consent to what you like!!

The most fucked up thing you can do is assume that how you want to session is everyone’s cup of tea. The reality is that everybody is different so before you start a session let the model know how you want to session, spare no detail and don’t forget to pay the model upfront to avoid ANY misunderstandings during or after your session(s)

Fee & Refund Policy

Pay attention...

No Party-Pass refunds will be issued unless we cancel or reschedule a 33 soleMates event.

The option to roll-over your fee to another 33 soleMates regional event shall be granted if you prefer.

Party-Passes for 33 soleMates members are heavily discounted and they start at $33

Membership fees for the rest of 2019 are $69.99 -Special party-passes are currently available

that include the membership fee and entrance to their first regional 33 soleMates event.

Membership fees are NON-REFUNDABLE -no exceptions

Party-Passes for NON-MEMBERS are offered on a limited basis as members party-passes are

prioritized. Fees for non-members start at $70 and increase as the event date draws near

(Non-Members pay a $40+ increase compared to the party-pass fees for 33 soleMates members

Also non-members have session fee restrictions that members don't have to abide by.

So there are major money saving perks to being an officially admitted member of 33 soleMates


–What other organizations do is yesterday’s news


33 soleMates is THE FUTURE of Foot-Fetish and updating the archaic session pay scale to keep up with economic inflation and featuring only top-tier live-action models is only the beginning of what we have in store.

To avoid drama and misunderstandings all guests are required to pay upfront for their session(s), --no exceptions. If a model allows for a guest to proceed with a session without payment, the model & guest will be subject to the 33 soleMates 3 strike disciplinary action. The same consequences apply for any model(s) who jack up the session fees to amounts higher than the official 33 soleMates session fees.

Any guest who attempts to circumvent the session rules by not paying upfront or attempting to pay less than the official 33 soleMates session fees, the offender(s) will be subject to the 33 soleMates 3 strike disciplinary action.

33 soleMates official, non negotiable session fees are as follows:

1. $20 for 5 minutes (members only session fees)

2. $30 for 10 minutes (members only session fees)

3. $40 for 15 minutes (members only session fees)


4. $50 for 20 minutes (Members & Non-Members session fee)

5. $60 for 25 minutes (Members & Non-Members session fee)

6. $70 for 30 minutes (Members & Non-Members session fee)

7. $80 for 35 minutes (Members & Non-Members session fee)

8. $90 for 40 minutes (Members & Non-Members session fee)

9. $100 for 45 minutes (Members & Non-Members session fee)

10. $140 for 60 minutes (Members & Non-Members session fee)

11. $175 for 90 minutes (Members & Non-Members session fee)

12. $200 for 120 minutes (Members & Non-Members session fee)

SESSIONS MUST BE PAID UPFRONT before any sessions begin with the live-action models.

Our bedrock principle is that SOL3MAT3S will NEVER require TipOut's or percentages from the models!!

All session pay belongs 100% to the models

DON’T FORGET THAT SESSIONS MUST BE PAID UPFRONT before beginning any sessions with the live-action models. –All session pay belongs 100% to the models who earned it.

Yes our session fees are higher than other Foot-Fetish organizations, however; the cost of doing business, the cost of fuel. and travel due to economic inflation is the reality that we live in today. It costs models more out of pocket to get to and from the parties than it did in 2002. So we raised the standard session fees at 33 soleMates but still kept it affordable. And because we'll only feeture upper echelon, Top-Tier Live-Action Models it will be worth every penny to all parties involved. 

33 soleMates bedrock principle is that we will not dock, ask for tip-outs or other greedy BS!

What models earn is all theirs to keep and what 33 soleMates makes in event party-passes is ours to keep to ensure that 33 soleMates can stay in business for years to come –A simple concept we know, but some folks seem to forget the proper way to conduct business.

SOL3MAT3S is “Foot-Fetish REINVENTED!”